Jagdhof Ligedl

Barbara & Johannes Moigg Family
Am Marktplatz 211
A - 6290 Mayrhofen
Tel.: +43 5285 63048

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Tradition seit 1460

Your hosts - the Moigg family

Jagdhof Ligedl, lovingly furnished and constructed in 2011 by the Moigg family, is a genuine piece of traditional Zillertal architecture. The 11 vacation apartments are furnished with the highest quality, and the style combines deliberately traditional values with a modern design

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Hunting and fishing

Only rarely do you find areas in Europe where the preservation of tradition and customs together with a life in touch with nature play such a big role as in Zillertal. The Moigg hotelier family, who have dedicated themselves to hunting and fishing for generations, is a part of this tradition. They therefore proudly present their numerous hunting trophies, to which an entire room in their house is dedicated.

Fresh spring water from all the faucets

Everywhere at Jagdhof Ligedl, fresh spring water gushes from all the faucets. The crystal clear water has been purified and filtered over the centuries through the fine sand and stone of the mountain until it is finally made available to the guests of Jagdhof Ligedl to drink. The pure, clean taste of the water and the fresh air in Zillertal ensure that food and drinks maintain a noticeably more intense aroma.

Food from the region

On the meadows of the Zillertal Valley, the farmers work hard the entire year so that locals and visitors of this wonderful landscape receive only the best products and ingredients. Many restaurants and inns in Zillertal pamper their guests with traditional cuisine from fresh, regional products. The herbs of the Zillertal Valley are known for their healing power, whether freshly prepared, dried, distilled as schnapps, or processed as medicine.